Artist Area

Artist Area

Welcome to the Berlin Modular Society artist’s area.

Artist Submissions

If you are INTERESTED in performing / streaming with us, please see the Artist Submission page.

Artist Performance Agreement Form

If you have been CONFIRMED by the BMS team to perform, please ask your contact in the BMS team for the link.

Preparing to Perform

Apart from preparing a fantastic uplifting / dark / ambient / danceable / musical modular set :-) we will need your help in promoting the event you are part of. This involves providing us with creative promo materials in a timely manner which can include some of the following:

A striking picture or two of your act / your gear.

A short bio about your act and/or your particular performance.

A video < 60 seconds long

A music clip 34 seconds long that fades out after 32 seconds.

We strongly recommend you have an instagram profile and a resident advisor profile.

Preparing to Stream

Practice makes perfect, right? It’s true! Streaming is no exception - so if you are going to perform on one of our streaming events, we ask you that you do a streaming test well in advance! :-) Please don’t wait for the last minute, even if you are an experienced streamer!

If you are new to OBS, please see the Using OBS introduction.

Please add a small Berlin Modular Society logo to the corner of your stream. The Media Assets page has logos you can use. If you add your own artists logo, please put it in a different corner. You can use the opacity settings on OBS so the logo blends in.

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