Artist Submission

Artist Submission

Hi, Welcome!

TLDR; Artist Submission Form

If you’ve found your way here, you are probably a modular artist interested to perform live with us. That’s great, please do so!

We welcome applications from new comers and experienced pros alike and we try to represent a broad spectrum of performers in terms of their musical and visual styles and their gender, sex, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Pretty much the only common factor is that you use modular and perform live with it.

Our Spectrum events follow what we call a “Spectrum shape”. The first two or three acts play ambient, experimental, noise and glitch and then we transition to techno via various beaty musical forms! We also welcome live modular, experimental and generative video synthesis performers.

Our Dance! events start beaty and progress from there!

Sometimes we organise one off special events where anything can happen!

If you’re interested in our event schedule please see our Upcoming Dates page.

Please use our Artist Submission Form to tell us about your act. We will get back to you in due course.