Upcoming Live Modular / Eurorack Events

Upcoming Live Modular / Eurorack Events

In general we host Spectrum events at Fitzroy in Berlin every second Thursday. Over Christmas there will be a little break. Of course you should check with us before planning your travel!

In order to reduce carbon footprint, we ask that you travel by train rather than plane in Europe. If you have to travel by plane please consider coming for a longer stay and offsetting your carbon footprint in a big way. There is no Planet B!

We can provide artists with an analogue mixing desk in order to reduce the amount of gear you have to travel with.

Artists are subject to change.

Upcoming Spectrum Dates (Artists added as confirmed)

Thursday 06 October 2022 (BMS21) → drusnoise → Sara Persico & Tony Elieh → Melanist → 3rd Party Influence → Jessica Kert Thursday 20 October 2022 (BMS22) → drusnoise Thursday 03 November 2022 (BMS23) → Kaspar König? → 3rd Party Influence Break / Not at Fitzroy (no event?) on Thursday 17 Thursday 01 December 2022 → drusnoise Thursday 15 December 2022 → 3rd Party Influence (Christmas Break)