Using OBS

Using OBS

OBS (Open Broadcast Suite) is the recommended tool to stream.

OBS can be downloaded here:

Please check you have a good internet connection. Upload speed is especially important. You can use to check. 40Mbps is very good!

Check your audio is streaming and not clipping.

Please add a Berlin Modular Society logo to a corner of your screen. If you add your artist logo, please put that in a different corner.

We suggest you use a separate device, phone or tablet to check that your stream sound is ok on Youtube or Twitch

When testing your stream prior to going live you can check the Artist Area page We will only forward to Twitch and Youtube for the actual performance.

When you have completed your stream, please press Stop Streaming! (otherwise the next artist will not be able to stream)

OBS main page


Transition mode (and how to exit it!)


How to automatically record to disk when you stream.


Enter the Berlin Modular Society stream key for here


Setting file type for local recording.


Use the Stream test page to check your stream is coming to us.

MKV Files

MKV (Matroska) files are an open source file format that contains both audio and video files.

OBS uses them by default. Apparently they are resilient to problems whilst recording.

If you need to extract audio / video files from MKV files, mkvtoolnix is open source at this link.

Or, you could try Video Solo Video Converter (its free for short clips) to convert from MKV to MP4 files. Adobe Premier Rush is good for formatting your MP4 videos for the various social media platforms.