Streaming Test

Streaming Test

If you are a Berlin Modular Society performer and have been given our key (which we change periodically), you can do a test stream from your streaming software e.g. OBS - and your stream should appear on our bmsTesting Twitch channel HERE.

Note: Only one device can stream at a time (obviously), so if you see a stream below, please wait until it stops before attempting to stream.

During the actual performance, we will configure so it distributes the steam to our Twitch and Youtube channels.

Please acquaint yourself with your streaming software (we recommend OBS) well in advance! Most importantly, check your audio connection to OBS. We recommend you use a phone or tablet to check non-distorted sound and video is getting through OK.

Berlin Modular Society Logo

We kindly ask that you include a small Berlin Modular Society logo in one corner of your stream. (If you have your own logo, please put it in a different corner :-)