The Berlin Modular Society is currently organised by Simon Redfern (3rd Party Influence), JacqNoise, Dirk Pogrzeba (Neversleep), Roy Hughes (Teslator) and Franziska.

First Patches

Simon initiated BMS with a twitch channel to provide some performance opportunities during the first Covid lockdown - and Simon and Steve Williams (drusnoise) organised (and played) in the first event, BMS #1, on 22nd May 2021.

The Berlin Modular Society name was chosen in homage to the New York Modular Society who were already active on Twitch at that time.

The artists performing at BMS1 were Monotrail, eddrro, ili.ili (his first live set ever), 3rd Party Influence and drusnoise. Everyone streamed from their own studio space except for Monotrail who streamed from Simon's kitchen - what a pleasure! The whole stream is available here: https://www.facebook.com/BerlinModularSociety/videos/794879054566646

JacqNoise first played with with Berlin Modular Society at our “Country Fair” event in 2021 (BMS #3) and became part of the organising team in May 2022.

Steve and Simon were joined by Josef Kunz after they met at BMS #4 at LoopHole. Josef created the BMS logo and found and promoted the first events at Fitzroy. Josef left BMS towards the end of 2022.

Robin Burke first performed as Optical Collusion in BMS #6 and was part of the organising team between May and December 2022.

Dirk Pogrzeba played in the BMS12 show and joined the organising team in November 2022.

Franziska has helped behind the scenes from the early days.

JVLIΛ got involved with the BMS in 2023.

Getting Involved

The BMS team slowly evolves. If you’re interested to help out, say hello at one of our events!


If you’re an artist who would like to perform please see our

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Venues etc

If you’re a venue or other interested party, please email: info AT berlinmodularsociety DOT com or get in touch via Instagram